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The taking of what is commonly known in office parlour as ‘taking or throwing a sickie’ costs UK companies billions per year. As well as the monetary losses it also affects your business because when employees see another member of staff ‘getting away’ with unauthorised days off then it could lead to them also taking unauthorised days off. It can also affect morale as people still at the office will need to cover the absent person.

If an absence is suspected as not legitimate then Venator are able to help put a case against the perpetrator. We are able to provide you with information, documentation and visual evidence against them to prove that they are participating in an unauthorised absence from their place of work.


Once you have the required evidence Venator Nationwide Detective Agency can advise you of the best course of action to take against the employee. That is if they do not resign immediately upon viewing the evidence presented to them.

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Unauthorised Absence