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Theft from the workplace can be distressing and unsettling for all involved. With Venator Detective Agency you would be able to quickly seek out the source and amount of theft occurring and also gather the information required to safely and easily prosecute or dismiss the transgressor.


The cost of theft is not only in the value of the items but also regaining trust with your workers so whether it is direct monetary theft, stock theft or office equipment theft.


Using Venator you will be able to quickly remove suspicion from non-complicit staff enabling you to continue trading with trusted staff members in a quick and timely manner.

As with all Venator operations at the end of the investigation a full report including all information will be delivered to you for you to act upon as you feel appropriate.


We can also offer advice on your best course of action should theft be proved and associated with a member of staff. This includes advice as to whether the evidence gathered would be viable in a court of law within the UK.

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Theft from Work

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