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One of the most valuable assets within a company is its directors and staff. This means that you need to ensure you employ the best available candidates within your company structure. At Venator Nationwide Detective Agency we are able to aid you in this search by vetting personnel on your behalf to confirm that they are whom they say they are and that they are legally able to take the position on offer. This could mean checking that they have the correct visas and paperwork for taking paid employment or in the case of Directors that they have not been disqualified for holding such a position.

We are also able to confirm that they are whom they say they claim to be and to make sure that any qualifications and diplomas are legitimate. We can also confirm to make sure that they reside at the residence stated during their application for employment.

We can also arrange for criminal record checks and if they have any county court judgements or bankruptcy orders against them.


Please call us to confirm searches available and associated costs.

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Screening of personnel prior to employment