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Some parents feel bad for 'snooping' on their children, but there are many legitimate reasons to monitor your child's online activity.


Stop your children from being exposed to:

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  • Online bullying and antisocial behaviour

  • Sexually explicit content

  • Online activity with unknown or undesirable persons

  • Downloading of illegal or adult content


Parental Computer Monitoring includes:

  • Files viewed, edited and deleted

  • Erased and deleted files

  • Ingoing and outgoing email, including content

  • Keystrokes typed

  • Websites visited

  • Passwords used

  • Chat and social media activity

Monitor your child's web browsing


Venators monitoring allows you to view website's visited, pages viewed and other online activity. This can help you reduce the risk of your child accessing sexually explicit or offensive content on the web.

Mobile Phone Monitoring Software


Our phone monitoring software is one of the most advanced and sophisticated on the market. Installation can be done remotely and takes under 20 minutes.


Once installed the software runs silently in the background, giving no indication that the phone is being monitored. The software can be uninstalled remotely.

Covert Cameras - Affordable & Sustainable Surveillance 24/7


Venator Detectives Covert Security team have provided a comprehensive service to our private clients for over a decade.


Our installation team is fully trained, qualified and equipped to carry out all manner of spy camera installations.

Phone Forensics


Our clients can use our phone forensics methods in order to monitor a child's whereabouts. The features of our forensics include:

  • SMS Retrieval - Ingoing & Outgoing

  • Microphone Activation - Listen to a conversation in a room

  • GPS Mobile Phone Tracking - Know where the phone is at all times

  • Real Time Call Monitoring - Listen in live to both sides



The owners permission to install the software on the chosen mobile phone or device

Drug & alcohol abuse

Venators detectives are often called upon to follow children young and old to ascertain who they associate with, habits whether they smoke, drink or are involved in drugs. Our agents are experts in covert surveillance and in the recording of covert video and voice evidence.


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